Some pictures from my vacation

Hello everyone… Sorry there have been no posts in the last couple of days. I am currently in Blackshear, GA (look it up on Google Maps). It is a very small town in South GA, and i had to drive about 20 minutes just to get to the coffee shop I am at right now just to get internet. Anyways, here are some pictures of what has been going on.


This is Sugar Bear, one of my mom’s cat’s. She (Sugar Bear, not my mom) likes to drink out of the sink for some odd reason Personally, I think it is really cute.


This is my lovely grandmother and me sitting on the couch posing for a picture (obviously). Grandma and Grandpa hosted my mom’s side of the family for Christmas lunch.


Meet Bozo. Bozo is part bobcat, so his tail is just a little nub. Bozo runs things down in Blackshear. He is the king of the house.


This was right after I woke up this morning. I did not sleep very well last night ( I was in a tent camping with my dad and uncle), and so waking up to dad snoring was so much fun.

I hope you liked these pictures. If you are interested, I have more posted on my Flickr page. i will be adding more as I take then and can find internet.

More pictures!

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Some new PostSecret Posts

Like I have said before, Post Secret is a great website where people make a postcard of a secret that they have never told anybody, and they send it in anonymously. Here are some of the latest ones I like. Some of these are so touching, and some just break my heart! PLEASE go to the Post Secret website to see them all and to read about how they have helped people in times of struggle.


A Pause for Christmas

Dear faithful readers,

Between now and January 2, I will be out of town visiting family. The place I am going has no internet access, but luckily there is a coffee shop in town that has WiFi. That being said, I will not be posting as frequently as normal, but I will when I can.

That being said, I will probably post a few things before I get out of town, so keep reading!

Have a great Christmas,


A Map of Traffic Light Cameras

Have you ever gone through an intersection and accidentally blown through a red light? I know I have. Fortunately, I have never been caught by a camera that some intersections have. Hopefully, this website will help me last a little longer before I meet my traffic-light-camera demise.

Using Google Maps, you can search around your city and find which intersections have cameras on the lights. Also, it tells you what kind of a fine you will be facing if you get busted. Enjoy!

Camera Map

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Just one cookie means 18 minutes of exercise


Bad news for anyone who likes to eat (that would be me). The Houston Chronicle reports:

“To burn off the calories in one gingerbread cookie, you will have to swim 18 minutes. The martini and party mix will take 47 minutes on the bike.And the fruitcake? Take an 84-minute walk….

A half-pound of prime rib will cost you 230 minutes of yoga. A Starbucks Caramel Macchiato is 38 minutes on the bike — add 81 minutes if you grab a piece of coffee cake. You’ll have to walk 173 minutes to burn off a Whopper from Burger King…”

Are you kidding me? This might be the worst news since it came out that Alf was getting cancelled. It is going to take me a loooong time to recover from my Christmas feasting (which is actually more than my day-to-day feasting). I hope this can encourage you and me to watch what we eat this Christmas season.

Just one cookie means 18 minutes of exercise | – Houston Chronicle

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I’m on a podcast!


My buddy Matt is the youth/college age minister at a church in Norcross, GA. A while back, he started a podcast for the college age of the church, and on the most recent episode, I was the special guest. See, Matt has been my best friend for over 10 years now, and when we get together, there really is no telling what might happen.

On this episode, we really just shoot the breeze, talking about Christmas stuff, and really any other thing that we think about. Matt interviews me about the website, technology, and about my life in general. Hey, maybe I will even be a regular! So, if you want to subsribe in iTunes, click below:

The College Connection

show notes