The 7 Best R-Rated Christmas Movies

If you’re like me and not into children’s movies of any kind, then good news — there is a whole library of R-rated Christmas classics that you can put on during the Christmas celebration this year and not have to worry about being subjected to the Dora the Explorer Christmas Special or whatnot.

Keep in mind, I do not recommend seeing all of these, as some contain scenes you might want to do without. And also, I did not type this article, but being that 1/2 of the Die Hard movies are on the list, I could not resist.

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Got $300 Million? You could buy (maybe)

It looks like may soon be for sale:

A reliable source just confirmed the company’s plans, noting the company has hired Allen & Company, a tiny but influential private investment firm, to help broker a deal. The asking price is still $300 million, the source said. [Venture Beat]

That would be financially awesome for the founders of the company, but I have a feeling that if they sold the company, it would soon crash and burn. Digg has a large community of folks who are anti-establishment, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but I think there would be a revolt if that happened. I guess we will see…


A Few Housekeeping Things

  • First of all, now forwards here. It was hard keeping up with that, this site, and the podcast, so I sort of merged the .com and the .net together.
  • Also, the links at the top of the page are now all functioning. Clicking “music” will take you to the page where you can download everything I have recorded. Clicking “pictures” will take you to my .mac web gallery instead of Flickr.

Today I am going down to LaGrange with some friends to do our annual Christmas Celebration with the boy’s home there. I will try and post about it later tonight or tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!

The Awkward Door-Opening-Reaction

I experienced something today that I have experienced many times here at work. Maybe you have too. Imagine the scenario: You are walking down the hall to use the restroom (or buy a Diet Coke, whatever), and as you approach the door to the hallway, you open it right as someone else was coming in the door. You are both startled at the presence of each other, and you have this moment of awkwardness.

In this moment, which usually lasts a good 1.5 seconds, you look at each other, then quickly away, and say something to the effect of “o, hey, how’s it, uh, going, hey”. The response is something like”not much”, which doesn’t even answer the asked question. For some reason, your ability to ask and/or answer a simple question is hindered by the whole thing.

I just experienced this, and it is humorous because it happens to almost everyone. So next time, do something like say “WOOBA WOOBA”, and it will really throw them off. Of course, you will come off as a weirdo, but whatever . Feel free to comment below…