New Feature: Tuesday Tunes

Hopefully this can be a regular post.  Considering I am almost ALWAYS listening to music at home, in the car, and at work, it should not be too hard.   Every Tuesday, I will post a short blurb about somehting I have listened to that day so far.  Perhaps it will be a mini-review of a cd or artist.  Who knows.  So let’s kick it off…

As I type this, I am listening to David Crowder Band’s latest release “Remedy”.  An equally amazing follow-up to “A Collision” is something that seems almost impossible to do, since “A Collision” was one AMAZING cd.  Remedy is a quicker journey than it’s predecessor, clocking in at 10 songs that are all the standard length for a song.  The cd is well produced, and fuses light acoustics/piano with what some have referred to as “Punk Worship”.  Crowder’s lyrics still cause the  listener to question themselves, and offers encouragement in the faith all around.  Please check this cd out if you haven’t yet.  It is definitely worth the listen!


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