Adolf Hitler Can’t Get a Birthday Cake

There is a family in New Jersey that had the bright idea of naming one of their children “Adolf Hitler”.  Read that sentence again.  Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

Adolf Hitler?  What would EVER give you the idea to name someone that?

Anyway, according to Fox News, they are having trouble finding a bakery that will make him a birthday cake with his name frosted onto it.

Heath and Deborah Campbell said their local ShopRite supermarket in Greenwich Township, N.J., refused to personalize a cake for their son, Adolf Hitler Campbell.

“We believe the request … to inscribe a birthday wish to Adolf Hitler is inappropriate,” Karen Meleta, a ShopRite spokeswoman, told the Express-Times.

Are the parents even surprised?  Like someone on Digg said,

“That’s just child abuse. It’s worse than forcing your kid to wear a KKK hood and robe to school every day because he can’t take this hood off. Sick parents indeed.”

I can’t say I disagree with that.  Props to the ShopRite for not making the cake for them!

Read the rest of the article.

Matching Christmas Sweaters = BIG no-no.

Have you ever seen this kind of thing?  You know the setting.  You go to a Christmas party, and there is that one couple who is wearing matching Christmas attire.  This is wrong on many levels.  First of all, I would bet that it’s usually the idea of one person, and they “convince” the other to go along.  They don’t want to, but in the back of their head, they hear the crack of the whip.  Look at this guy.  You can tell he is doing it out of duty rather than desire.

Also, for those of us that have to see this kind of thing, it’s just not fair!  So, if you plan on doing this sort of thing this Holiday season… don’t.

What are your thoughts on the whole “matching sweater” thing?

What Should I Write About? You decide…

Now, I am not calling myself a good writer by any means.  In fact, my grammar mistakes and punctuation alone would disqualify me from ever being considered one.  That being said, I have added something called “Skribit”, a little widget on the far right column that lets YOU tell me what you want me to write about.  Just click on “What Should I Write About” and have at it.

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QOTD – Lifetime Movie edition

Today’s question deals with making a movie from YOUR life.

If they made a movie of your life, what would it be about and which actor would you want to play you?

For me, I would want the movie to focus around the power of forgiveness and redemption. Not to get too serious here, but I would want it to be about someone (me) who made a few mistakes, hurt some people close to him, and then moved on from it. I guess that might be a little boring, but it would mean everything to me.

Plus, you know how Hollywood is. They would take the story and completely change it from the original, and then get someone like Shia LeBeouf Michael Phelps from his SNL performance to play my role. Not cool, Hollywood.

RagamuffinTop Challenge Update

A quick update on the weightloss…

It’s been a few months since the final update of the RagamuffinTop Challenge I was taking part in.  For you newcomers, it was a weight-loss challenge where every week I was weighing myself and posting the results online for all to see.  In the process, I started to jog and eat healthier, and really make a lifestyle change.

Since the last update, I have continued to lose another 10 pounds or so, which is good, but comparatively speaking, only so-so.  I blame it on Thanksgiving.  But overall, I have lost right at 45 pounds, and I feel great.

Here’s a before and after.  All I have are pictures of my head, but it shows a difference:



Hey, I have a neck now, and my head looks a little less like a bowling ball!

Here’s to another 45 (yeah right)!

Overlooked Fat Loss Factors

Burn more than you take in.  That is a simple enough way to lose weight, but there are also some other things that a lot f people don’t know that can help promote fat burning and weight loss.  For example:

The fiber content of the food you eat
Due to its chemical makeup, fiber is classified as a carbohydrate; however, it is unlike other carbohydrates in that it is an indigestible nutrient. Even though each gram of fiber contains four calories, these calories will remain undigested and will not be absorbed. Therefore, if you were to consume 300 calories of red beans (a food in which nearly 1/3 of the caloric content is from fiber), approximately 100 of these calories would pass through your intestinal tract undigested.

One of my favorite snacks is a Fiber One Bar.  These things taste almost like candy, and they have a lot of fiber in them.  But make sure you check out the rest of the list.  Maybe it will help you lin cutting the fat!

See the rest (Ask Men)

A new flavor of awesome: Berry CRUNK!!!

This past summer, nothing short of Divine Intervention brought me together with CRUNK!!!, of of the best tasting energy drinks I have ever tried (and I’ve tried at least 6 or so.  Yeah, I know!).  I then tried Sugar-Free CRUNK!!!, which was ok, but not as good as the original.  Soon after that, they released Citrus CRUNK!!!, which was like Lemonade that kicks you in the pants.  It was really good.

Now, there is a new flavor of which the fine folks at CRUNK!!! sent me some samples:  Berry CRUNK!!!

It’s basically grape juice on steroids, and I mean that in a good way.  Initially, you taste the grape, but there seems to be some other flavors that I have not tasted before.  Overall, it’s a very nice taste, and it certainly doesn’t taste like the battery acid that is called “Monster Energy Drink”.

Here are some pictures:

Hmm… I don’t know about you, Berry CRUNK!!!.

Interstring.  Goes down smooth.  Tastes good.

I like this stuff!

Go get some!

If you are not sure where to find this stuff, check out their website for a store locator.  Give it a try!

CRUNK!!! Enegery Drink’s website

How to Stay Awake at Work

I try and get 7-8 hours of sleep ever night.  Most of the time, I’m successful, and I feel fine at work the next day.  But other times, I just can’t get to sleep, and when I do, I don’t sleep very well.  On those occasions, I usually pay the price at work the next day.  You’ve probably been there too.  You know, that “zombie” feeling that you can’t seem to shake all day?

Well, here are a few ways to stay awake at work.  They might not all work, but they will hopefully at least ease the difficulty in staying awake.  For example:

Listen to music that’s energizing to you; if possible, dance or sing along, even if you just bob your head or hum. Music that’s irritating or jarring to you can also work. Just make sure to use headphones so you don’t disturb your co-workers.

I don’t think that’s too hard to do.  Or, you could be like some people I work with and actually sleep at your desk during the day.  Your call.

See lots more ways.