Walker Texas Ranger and Star Wars Nerds

In celebration of Conan O’Brien taking over Leno’s roll as host of The Tonight Show, I thought I would share with you all some of my favorite clips from Conan over the years.  These are absolutely hilarious!

First of all, Walker Texas Ranger.  NBC purchased the rights to that show, so Conan would occasionally bring out this “magic lever”.  Every time he pulled it, it would show a ridiculous WTR clip:

Secondly, we have Triumph the Insult Comic Dog making fun of the Star Wars nerds waiting in line to see Episode 1. This is my favorite Conan clip of all time…:

If you want to see more, check out Time’s Top-10 Conan moments.

Dad stabs son in the butt cheek

Few things in life drive me nuts more than being told what I can and cannot wear in church (and trust me, as someone who plays in the church band, I have heard my fill of it.  I like to wear flip flops.  Others don’t like that I like that.  But I digress.)  As bad as church attire arguments can be, they should never get this bad.

In Baltimore, a man got into an argument with his 19 year old son about him wearing a hat in church.  The, the argument went outside and crossed the line.  According to MSNBC, :

The father and his 19-year-old son got into an argument on Sunday afternoon, police said. That’s when police said the father went to a car, got a knife and stabbed his son in the left buttock and fled.

Folks.  First of all, I am almost positive that God does NOT care what we wear in church.  But even if He did, is it worth stabbing your son over?  I’m going with no on this one.  What’s wrong with people?!

MSNBC (via Youth Ministry Experience)

A little late, guys…

A few months back, I told you all about a cool little service called “Umbrella Today”.  As a reminder, it is a service that will send you a text message telling you if you need to bring an umbrella with you today based on the weather of your zip code.  It’s a cool service, but their timing is not always perfect.  I received this while at work yesterday morning.  Please note the time:

I appreciate the reminder, but try and tell me before I leave the house!

Killer ‘stache, man.

For the last several weeks, I have been sporting the bearded look, as seen below:

Well, I decided to shave it all off a few days ago, but I decided to keep the mustache.  Keep in mind, I only kept it until I could take a picture, but still.  What do you think?  Should I grow the ‘stache back and wear it like Magnum P.I.?  You decide:

The best $2 you will spend today

I have a book recommendation for you.  Now, I am not one to read all that often, but this book is one to definitely NOT pass up.  The eBook version is only $2 over at Mobi Pocket, and if that wasn’t enough, I am a character in it!

The book, Mental Camping, was written by my dad and a few of my uncles.  It is a funny, fictitious tale of all of us going camping, and the random, hilarious shenanigans we all get into.  So, if you are looking for a fun read at a great price, check it out!  You can read it on your computer, your iPhone, your Kindle… the possibilities are endless.  Well, not endless.  But you get the idea.

Mental Camping (at MobiPocket)

Crock Pot Cooking, part 1

I have a confession to make.  I have never cooked anything in a crock pot.  I have eaten plenty of food prepared in them, but I have never been the one to do the preparing.  Well, I want to change that.  Apparently, it’s super easy to make some tasty meals in them, and I think I can also save a good bit of money.  I will post a part 2 as soon as I actually follow through with this.

Do any of you have any experience doing this?  Any good recipes?