How to get PUSH Gmail on your iPhone for $.99 – GPush

One big complaint from many iPhone users that rely on Gmail as their email service of choice is the limitation that the smallest interval of automatically checking your email is 15 minutes.  Sure, for most people, that is fine, but for those of us that like instant-gratification, it is a bit annoying.  And, until Apple and Google allow push email inherently, you have very few options to get that instant push satisfaction.

I have found one option that actually works quite well.  GPush (iTunes link), available in the iTunes App Store for $.99, does one very simple thing, but it does it well.  Basically, you enter in your Gmail account information, and then whenever anyone sends you an email, you instantly get a push notification on your iPhone:


At that point, you can go into your Mail app and check it.  The icon for GPush will display a badge that shows you how many unread messages you have in your inbox (lower-right corner above the dock):


As soon as you read the actual emails, that badge will instantly update.

That’s really it.  In my testing, there was a delay of maybe 2-3 seconds between Gmail (web) showing the email and the actual notification coming through.  This app is very simple, but it does it’s one function perfectly.  There were some issues initially with the current version, hence the large amount of negative reviews in iTunes, but they seem to have fixed it completely.  Plus, hey, it’s $.99, which is basically free!

Until there is an official solution, this might just be the best way to go.

GPush (iTunes Link)

Comixed – a VERY funny website

I have come across a fun new website called Comixed.  What they post every day are pictures, almost in comic book-like form, sometimes with funny captions.  It’s really hard to explain, so here are a few examples of my favorites, starting with my absolute favorite so far:


A word of warning (since I try to keep this blog at a PG-13 level), some of this pictures can get a little racy at times, but overall, they are hilarious.


Sweet Tricks MacGyver Would Be Proud Of

Lifehacker has a great piece today on the Top 10 Tricks MacGyver Would Be Proud Of.  My 2 personal favorites?  First of all, packing a lunch in a cd spindle.  From Lifehacker:

Bagels, with their central fitting holes and wheel-like shape, are an improvisational thinker’s kind of sandwich bread. Rodrigo Piwonka’s Flickr stream shows off a CD spindle bagel holder MacGyver would totally dig, and it might just inspire you to reuse your own Memorex/FujiFilm/Kodak spindles for culinary transport purposes. Angus would probably also note that, turned upside-down, the round plastic cylinder that caps the spindle works great for holding your salad.


And my actual favorite from the list: Fix a dent with canned air and a hair dryer

**for some reason, I can’t seem to embed this video, so go watch it at Lifehacker**

See, that is just brilliant.  I love seeing fun examples of using everyday items in different, unique ways.  Especially that fixing a dent thing.  Wow.

See the rest.

No-Stick Rice Krispies Treats (and other cool little tips)


I love reading neat little tricks you can do using regular household items to make life easier.  Par examplé:

No Stick Rice Krispies
Unless you enjoy licking your hands when done making Rice Krispies treats, run your hands under cold water before pressing the Rice Krispies treats in the pan. The marshmallow won’t stick to your fingers!

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