Teavana – if you drink tea, this is your iPhone app

I have recently become a very big fan of flavored teas from Teavana, and they just released an app for the iPhone that makes the experience even better.  The Teavana iPhone app (iTunes link, FREE) pretty much covers all of your bases when it comes to tea: different kinds, information on all of their teas, a timer for steeping, information on blending teas, and of course, a store locator.  Here is a little walk through of the app:

First of all, that fancy little icon:


Once you open the app, you are greeted with 5 options:


“Tea Blender” will let you select 2 different kinds of tea that you would want to blend and give instructions on how much tea to use, as well as how long to steep:


Also, if you create a blend you want to share with the world, you can do it via Email, Twitter or Facebook:


The “Teas” option will give you vast information on all of the kinds of teas that Teavana offers.  You can filter it by category (green tea, herbal tea, black tea, etc), and it will show the kinds of tea that fit the criteria:


Once you find the tea you want info on and select it, you are given all kinds of info on that particular tea:


Maybe my favorite feature of the app is the tea timer.  I realize that there is already a timer app that comes standard on every iPhone, but this timer lets you select the category of tea and then adjusts the timer to fit:


Once you press the “Steep your Tea” button, the timer starts:


Also included in the app is a store locator that utilizes the built-in Google Maps functionality, which is VERY helpful.  Also, the “Shop” button on the main screen will take you to Teavana’s website to shop around.

Overall, this is a great app for anyone out there that enjoys drinking tea.  Almost everything you can imagine that you would need to know about the different kinds of tea and making tea is covered in this app thoroughly.   My only wish is that you could blend *any* of the kinds of tea and not just the ones they suggest.

Teavana’s iPhone app is free on the iTunes Store.


Let Snoop Dogg tell you where to turn

Tom Tom has a new voice “skin” that is available for all of their GPS devices.  The voice?  Snoop Dogg.  Now, before you discount that as being silly, watch the little demo and see how cool it actually sounds:

I don’t know about you, but Snoop has a pretty awesome voice.  I think having that automatically adds cool points to the bank, and lets be honest, folks.  I need some, ya dig?

This voice skin is only $12.99 and can be purchased from VoiceSkins.

BigRigg Challenge : Week 7 weigh-in

The big change this week was that I cut out softdrinks from my diet (minus 2 meals).  It was really tough at first, but I replaced that craving with tea, and it seems to have worked pretty well.  Apparently softdrinks have a lot of sodium (among other chemicals), and that can lead to retaining water.  So I contribute some of this success to that change.

By the way, if you want to try some of the tea I was drinking, head over to Teavana‘s website and look at the Raspberry Riot Lemon Mate.  It is so good!

On to the video…


  • Initial Weight: 241.4 lbs
  • Weight after this week’s weigh-in: 240.6 lbs
  • This week’s +/- :  -1.8 lbs
  • Total lost: GAINED -0.8 lbs

The most beautiful, random song about Los Angeles I have ever heard

The song “Los Angeles, by Peter Bradley Adams, is a very beautiful song.  In fact, it’s almost haunting.  But, the odd thing is that I can’t seem to figure out what the song is about.  It sounds like it should have some deep meaning, but it’s almost as if someone said, “hey, write a song about Los Angeles, and make it beautiful.”  Well, mission accomplished.

Give it a listen:

Los Angeles

Oh Los Angeles we leave you now
At the setting of your skies
As we leave the comfort of your ground
With your angels we will fly

Well you carried us in broken dreams
Like a mother does her sons
We were scattered ‘cross your dirty streets
We were dying one by one

And you held us in your city lights
When our eyes had lost the stars
And we made our peace with lonely nights
And you healed our broken hearts

Well they say the Big One’s gonna come
And you will fall into the sea
We will know that then your work is done
And your angels will go free


10 Homemade Remedies for What Ails You

Lifehacker recently had a great article on 10 common things people tend to suffer from along with 10 easy, homemade remedies for them.  Here’s one that suck out to me, only because I have some friends that do this sometimes.  I thought they were on crack, but I guess it really works:

Baby or talcum powder for greasy hair


My friends are in the food-service industry (read:servers at a restaurant), and one of them told me once that if she is in a hurry, or it’s been a few days since the last time she washed her hair, she would put baby powder in her hair.  She said that it not only combats the grease, but it also smells pretty good.  I guess it really works!

Here is the complete list that Lifehacker further explains:

10. Honey for rough coughs
9. Toothpaste for bee stings
8. Olive oil for children’s earaches
7. Vick’s VapoRub or thyme oil for toenail fungus
6. Vinegar, oatmeal, and others for sunburns
5. DIY elixirs for colds and flu
4. Duct tape for warts
3. Clear nail polish or hot water for bug bites
2. Baby or talcum powder for greasy hair
1. Bacon sandwich for hangovers

Visit Lifehacker to see the explanations of each.

BigRigg Challenge : Week 6 weigh-in


**Info on the BigRigg Challenge**

VICTORY! Well, I mean, I lost a pound, but considering I have been working on toning up and gaining muscle, I think it is a success. Also, for this coming week, I have decided to give up soft drinks altogether. That means I will have to say goodbye to my beloved Diet Coke with Lime. 😦 It will be worth it though.

On to the video:

  • Initial Weight: 241.4 lbs
  • Weight after this week’s weigh-in: 242.4 lbs
  • +/- :  -1.0 lbs
  • Total lost: GAINED 1.0 lbs