When you tip at the cafe’s at Northside Hospital in Atlanta…

…they employees do NOT get it.  An employee there told me this.  Here is how it happened.

I was at Northside Hospital in Atlanta recently while my mother was having surgery, and I decided to go to one of the little cafe's they have in there for a little snack.  The lady behind the counter was very nice, so when I paid with my debit card and say the "tip" line on the receipt, I decided to leave a tip.  I told the lady there that I never know if I should tip in situations like this where no one really waited on me, they just took my money.  She said "we don't get the tips anyways".  I said "So you mean to tell me that if I tip you using my debit card, you don't get that money?"  She said no.  I promptly took the receipt and scratched off the tip I had left.

Who is getting that money?  The management?  That is so lame!

THF – Why the Large Drink Matters


(In light of Starbucks introducing a new, larger size called the “Trenta” into their arsenal of oddly named sizes of beverage, I wanted to repost this so everyone understand why it is important to get it.)

Maybe you have been here before.

Whenever I go to a restaurant that offers different sizes of drinks, I always opt for the largest drink they have. And like clockwork, someone in my party will make the comment “You get free refills, so why do you need to get the large?”. I can’t stress enough how this comment sends me to a place I don’t want to be, simply because I feel like I am being judged for my plastic cup size preference.

There are many reasons to go for the large. First of all, it is usually only $.20 more then the small or medium, and the increase in available fluid space is well worth it.

But my number-one reason that I always fire back with when interrogated of my motives is quite simple. It is something I have given the term “THF”. “THF”, you say? Yes, THF. It stands for “Take Home Factor“. Let me explain.

Take two people who both get fountain drinks during an evening dining at Chick Fil-A. Person A gets the small drink, person B gets the lovely large drink. Dinner goes great, both discuss the superiority of Chick Fil-A to any other fast food establishment despite the slightly higher prices. All is well. At the end of the meal, both parties fill up on their drink before leaving.

Assuming both people drink at approximately the same speed, person A will run out of beverage long before person B. Imagine if you go home afterwards to watch a movie. Person A will most likely have to get up during your movie for some water (or another beverage of their choice). Person B will be fully hydrated during the entire picutre. So, for around $.20 more, person B will have quenched thirst far longer than person A. Because the large drink was purchased, you have a longer period of time before you have to tap into your own supply. In effect, you are saving money by spending money.

So, next time someone accosts you for ordering the large drink, make sure you inform them of the THF.

Everythings Amazing & Nobodys Happy

I shot some video on my iPhone and was editing it using the iMovie app, and something was not going right with it.  I became frustrated and said to myself “Why won’t this stupid thing work?!”  It was user error, by the way, not the app’s fault.  But anyway, right after I had that thought, I immediately had a bit of a reality check.  I realized that I was editing HD video on my telephone.  That is incredible!  It reminded me of this video from Conan O’Brien a few years back where comedian Louis CK talked about how everything is so amazing, and nobody is happy.  Kind of puts things into perspective!

Here it is:

So yeah… I guess if I can shoot HD video on my iPhone, edit it on my iphone, and then publish it to a place where the world can see it, I should be content with the awesomeness of that.

An update on my mom’s battle with breast cancer

Hi friends.  I wanted to post an update on my mom’s battle with cancer.  If you will recall, several months ago my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Her hair started to fall out, I buzzed it all off, she went through 6 rounds of chemo, and last week, she had an MRI to see the status of it all.  The diagnosis?

She is cancer-free.

Can you believe that?!  She has been such an awesome reflection of God through this entire ordeal, and she has been healed.  It is an amazing thing to witness.  Anyways, she is still going to have surgery next week, then reconstruction, but she no longer has cancer.  Thanks to all of you lifting her up in prayer for the last several months.  It has meant more to her ore than I can explain.

God is good 🙂