Everythings Amazing & Nobodys Happy

I shot some video on my iPhone and was editing it using the iMovie app, and something was not going right with it.  I became frustrated and said to myself “Why won’t this stupid thing work?!”  It was user error, by the way, not the app’s fault.  But anyway, right after I had that thought, I immediately had a bit of a reality check.  I realized that I was editing HD video on my telephone.  That is incredible!  It reminded me of this video from Conan O’Brien a few years back where comedian Louis CK talked about how everything is so amazing, and nobody is happy.  Kind of puts things into perspective!

Here it is:

So yeah… I guess if I can shoot HD video on my iPhone, edit it on my iphone, and then publish it to a place where the world can see it, I should be content with the awesomeness of that.

The best Emmy intro segment ever

Tonight’s Emmys intro segment with Jimmy Fallon was epic, especially when all of the stars came out live. That being said, it didn’t top the segment from several years ago when Conan O’Brien hosted for the second time. I think my favorite part was the LOST shout out (of course), but only because LOST wasn’t nominated that year, and they seemed to have a good sense of humor about it.

Here it is. Enjoy!