Everythings Amazing & Nobodys Happy

I shot some video on my iPhone and was editing it using the iMovie app, and something was not going right with it.  I became frustrated and said to myself “Why won’t this stupid thing work?!”  It was user error, by the way, not the app’s fault.  But anyway, right after I had that thought, I immediately had a bit of a reality check.  I realized that I was editing HD video on my telephone.  That is incredible!  It reminded me of this video from Conan O’Brien a few years back where comedian Louis CK talked about how everything is so amazing, and nobody is happy.  Kind of puts things into perspective!

Here it is:

So yeah… I guess if I can shoot HD video on my iPhone, edit it on my iphone, and then publish it to a place where the world can see it, I should be content with the awesomeness of that.

FarmVille vs. Real Farms

I admit, I have never played Farmville.  Ever.  I have played We Rule on the iPhone, which I guess is similar from what I have heard, but I gave it up after a few weeks of harvesting my magic asparagus.  See, that just sounds stupid.

Mashable has created this handy infographic to give you some somewhat scary facts:


How to stop Apple Mail from opening when you click on an email address

Raise your hand if you use Gmail's (or another web-based email service's) web interface for email correspondence.  My hand is up too.  In doing so, one thing is is a little annoying is when you click on an email address on a website somewhere, and Apple Mail opens up.  If you use another stand-alone app (Entouage, for example) to check your email, it's easy to switch the default app, but if you are all web-based, they don't make it quite so easy.

The following will not open up a Gmail window, but at least it will stop Apple Mail from opening.

1.  Download and install RCDefaultApp (direct download link)

2.  Open the app up from your preferences and select what happens with email address links:


Select "Email" on the left side, then select <disable> as the default application.

Now, when you click an email address, nothing will happen.