Posterous post views and Google Analytics discrepancy

Now that I have been using Posterous full time now for a few weeks, I have nothing but positive things to say about it, but there is one thing I have not quite figured out yet: This discrepency between how many views Posters says my posts have compared to what Google Analytics says.

Now, I know that Posterous addresses this in their help blog:


How are site and post views calculated?

There are many things that trigger a “view” for a post and a site: viewing the blog triggers a view for all posts visible on that page. In addition, a view will be triggered by the blog post page itself, the RSS feed, and View counts are updated every five minutes.

Ok, I get that.  There should be some discrepancy.  Some.  But look at what Gogle Analytics says about a post I made last week:


14 views since I posted it.  Now, compare that to what Posterous says for number of views:



9316 views!  That is a huge difference!  Does that mean it is showing up as a search result from Posterous’ web site?  Any explanation on this would be much appreciated!


FarmVille vs. Real Farms

I admit, I have never played Farmville.  Ever.  I have played We Rule on the iPhone, which I guess is similar from what I have heard, but I gave it up after a few weeks of harvesting my magic asparagus.  See, that just sounds stupid.

Mashable has created this handy infographic to give you some somewhat scary facts: