“Crash” and life

I recently watched the movie “Crash”, and it totally solidified something that has been on my heart for a while now.

You see, each one of us has such a complex life, full of joys and struggles. And for each of us, these things that make up our lives are so big to us. One thing I think we often forget is that each person we see, even if just in passing, has a world of joys and struggles as well.

Watching this movie brought another angle into the equation. You see, even though we all have such big, life-sized thing going on all the time, we are also such an integral part of each others lives. I think a lot of times, we don’t even know it.

In the movie, you see several different characters dealing with all kinds of crap that life brings you. They all end up interacting with each other, and that plays a big role in how life turns out for each of them.

Take me for example. I have finally decided to improve my health all because I read someone’s blog a few months ago and it inspired me to do so. Carlos will probably never know that he helped save a life, but he did. His actions have changed the outcome of my life, and who knows, maybe I have inspired some else.

I know this post is all over the place, but hopefully you kind of get what I’m saying. As consuming as life can be for each of us, we are all so much more connected and have influence than we usually think.

Make sense?

A little LOST picture to chew on

This is a little spoilerish, so beware!

I wonder what these two of our favorite characters are talking about?   (to avoid spoiling it for people, click the little thumbnail so you can see who we’re talking about here)

Also, they are both off of the island, so this might be what ultimately leads up to Locke’s death.  I guess we’ll have to wait until January to find out!

(picture courtesy of Kanaka)

Meet Dave, the Man Who Never Takes Out the Trash

Meet David Chameides.  David is a guy that cares about the environment.  In fact, just to do his part, he doesn’t throw ANYTHING away.  Instead, he keeps of of the trash he produces in his basement.

All of his non-recyclable trash — including organic waste like food — is stacked neatly in the basement of his Los Angeles house. He uses a tin box to hold bags of waste paper, and cans of garbage to hold the rest. For organic waste, he put in a worm composter that breaks down leftover food. Beyond that, he didn’t create a master plan for his year of no trash. “I didn’t really think this through — which is probably for the best,” says Chameides. His wife and kids are exempted from the challenge, but not from the neighbors’ scoffs. “My wife’s friends do make fun of me.”

Made fun of?  No kidding!

The point that he wants to make is that even though we throw stuff in a trash can, it still ends up in a landfill somewhere.  Doing this experiment (if that’s what you want to call it) has made him see just how little trash he actually produces.  In fact, the article says that over the last 8 months, he has only produced about 30 pounds of trash.

I guess you have to live for something!

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Ummmm…. yeeeaaahh… Mmmkay?

Tonight, I had the chance to meet Gary Cole, better known as Lumbergh from the movie Office Space.  A friend of mine who works at California Pizza Kitchen sent me a text message saying that he came into the restaurant.  I was already going to go there to have dinner/see my friends, but I figured I would leave early to see Lumbergh.

When I got there, I saw him leaving the restaurant and going next door to Radio Shack, so I figured hey, I could always use an audio cable of some sort.  I walked in, pretended to shop, and said hi to him.  Here is the picture that resulted:

I know it sounds a bit stalker-ish, but in my defense… well.. it was Lumbergh!

Thanks for the heads up, Kristina!

10 Shoes You Should Never Be Caught Wearing

When it comes to footwear, I’m pretty simple.  I have my running shoes, my work shoes, and then flip flops for everything else.  I came across this list, and I have to say, I mostly agree with it.  For example:

Inconceivably comfortable or not, the idea of paying $100+ for a pair of sandals seems absurd; especially when those $120 sandals make you look like that kid you went to college with, who skipped class to smoke doobies and listen to “Dark Side of the Moon” backwards.

Buying comfortable shoes is important, and you should always be willing to drop a few extra bucks for shoes that your feet will enjoy wearing. But if you’re going to splurge, at least make sure the shoes you’re buying will make you look good. Never sacrifice style for comfort.

I once paid a LOT of money for a pair of those things.  They were so uncomfortable, and it blew my mind that people actually enjoyed them.  “O, but Adam, they eventually mold to the shape of your foot”.  No, they don’t.  They hurt.

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