It became real last night

It’s an odd thing. When I was in high school, my mom would buzz my head whenever I needed a haircut. We would go out to the back deck, I’d sit down, and she would buzz my hair off. It was a way to save a lot of money on haircuts, and it was a bonding experience every time.

Last night, we revisited that scenario, only the roles we reversed. I was buzzing my mom’s hair off. For the last few months, she has had breast cancer. Several weeks ago she started chemo, and only recently has she started to lose her hair. Knowing that it would soon all fall out, mom decided she wanted to buzz it all off. So we went out to the back deck of her house, she sat down in the same place I would, and using the very same clippers she used to use on me, I buzzed her hair off. To show support, she buzzed mine right afterwards.

My girlfriend and step dad both came during the process, and we all were laughing, crying, and most importantly, supporting my mom while the entire situation became so much more real to her (and all of us). I hate that my mom has to go through this, and although she is expected to make a full recovery, it still hurts. But, she is strong, and her attitude has been unbelievably incredible. Her goal is to make sure that God is glorified, and let me tell you, she has been doing a wonderful job of that.

And hey, I think she looks pretty darn good with buzzed hair!