iPhone run over by 18-wheeler, still works

A Kansas man has posted photos of his fully functional iPhone after the device flew off the trunk of his car at freeway speeds, only to be run over by a semi truck traveling at an estimated 70 miles-per-hour.

Now, I don’t know about you, but my crap-tastic phone will barely survive me talking on it. It’s awesome that a phone that looks and funtions amazingly also is actually rugged.

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This just isn’t right

The other night, I had dinner with my mother at Cici’s Pizza. Cici’s is an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet, and it is pretty cheap. Sure, the pizza is far from great, but hey, $5 for all-you-can-eat. So I got a belly full, all the while complaining that the quality was just ok.

Enter today. I just saw something online that put me in my place.

Hungry people in the slums of Haiti are giving new meaning to the phrase “dirt poor.” As food prices soar, many desperate people are eating mud cookies to stave off their hunger pangs. Here, an 11-year-old boy named Cajeunes shows his dirt-streaked tongue after eating a mud cookie in Cite Soleil.

They are eating mud. Here I am complaining about an unending supply of pizza, and people are eating mud.  Who the heck am I?  Where do I get off even wishing that I had it better?  I pray that I will never forget just how lucky I am, and that God will break my heart for these people.
Please read the full story of this problem. (via StevenBush.org)

I’m Frustrated With Digg

I love going to Digg. It is what I do at work all day at work, and it is becoming where I get my news. I love how those in charge are responsive to the cries of the community and actually implement changes we want to see. You don’t get that anywhere else. But in being a user for over 2 years now, I have become frustrated at a few things.

1. Using Firefox in Windows (at work), opening even one page of comments crashes the browser. I don’t mean multiple tabs, but one tab of the comment section of a story crashes the browser 90% of the time. Since I use Firefox at home on my mac, and I sync my bookmarks, I want to be able to use FF to bookmark certain stories I cannot access from work (proxy). IE doesn’t crash, but it also doesn’t remember my login info, so that is pretty much useless if I want to actually digg stories. So I use Safari to browse Digg, which is such an unnecessary step for browsing the freaking web. As far as syncing the bookmarks, I am out of luck. Why does the supposed most-stable browser crash with ONE PAGE OPEN? Digg is the only site that crashes it.

2. I have submitted 103 stories as of this typing, and only 4 have seen the front page. I know that I have submitted some real crap, but the majority of it is 10x better than some of the crap I see that hits the front page. Maybe it is the algorithm, maybe it is my timing in submitting stories, or maybe my taste in what is good is skewed. But when you can have 10 stories about the same ting hit the front page on the same day, it just feels like something is wrong. And yes, I do submit my own content. It is perfectly acceptable according to Digg’s TOS (as long as it is something worth sharing). And I certainly do not submit everything I post, just what I feel others might like.

3. When someone submits a video, they submit the link to their own page with the video embedded. Now let’s be honest. Do you really want to share the video with everyone, or do you want us to come click your AdSense links. Submit the dang Youtube page, capiche?

4. What used to be a site about technology and related things has become what seems like a harbor for hate. What I mean by that is that in any given day, you are bound to find stories about the following:

  • Apple fanboys bashing microsoft
  • Microsoft fanboys bashing apple
  • Atheists bashing Religion
  • The Left bashing the Right

You get the idea. No matter what side you are on, it seems like someone posts something that adds fuel to the fire, and the superficial argument goes on. It just seems so unnecessary. No one will ever say something to change someone’s mind in what the believe about whatever. So maybe that stuff is popular because it makes us feel better. I really don’t know.

There was a front page story a few days ago that was on backing a car out of a moving airplane. I saw that headline, and I just smiled. That is the kind of stuff that I would not even think of looking up, but the fact that it was presented to me was great. That is what Digg needs more of!

Yeah, I know I am whining about this stuff. Anyone else experience these frustrations?

New Feature: Tuesday Tunes

Hopefully this can be a regular post.  Considering I am almost ALWAYS listening to music at home, in the car, and at work, it should not be too hard.   Every Tuesday, I will post a short blurb about somehting I have listened to that day so far.  Perhaps it will be a mini-review of a cd or artist.  Who knows.  So let’s kick it off…

As I type this, I am listening to David Crowder Band’s latest release “Remedy”.  An equally amazing follow-up to “A Collision” is something that seems almost impossible to do, since “A Collision” was one AMAZING cd.  Remedy is a quicker journey than it’s predecessor, clocking in at 10 songs that are all the standard length for a song.  The cd is well produced, and fuses light acoustics/piano with what some have referred to as “Punk Worship”.  Crowder’s lyrics still cause the  listener to question themselves, and offers encouragement in the faith all around.  Please check this cd out if you haven’t yet.  It is definitely worth the listen!

Cheeseburger in a Can = the end is near

That’s right, folks.  You can buy a cheeseburger in a can.  Please read that sentence again.  The same way your greenbeans and tuna is stored now can keep a cheeseburger.  How do you feel about that?  Personally, I would try one.  Sure, it means the downfall of civilization.  Maybe it is a turning point we will look back on in a thousand years as the pinnacle of humanity.  Either way, this will change the kind of food people will get from canned food drives.

Order one! 

Rambo’s Solutions to 5 Everyday Office Problems

You might have read the book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, and you might have picked up some good advice on there as to how to be successful.  Well, when it comes to going to work everyday, there is another person who could get stuff done at work, and still be a total badass.  You know his name.

From the article:

Rambo Gets a Poor Performance Review

Despite hard work on Rambo’s part, sales are down and the result is a poor performance review from his manager. The negativity triggers his memories of being a POW. Rambo’s snatches the review sheet out of his manager’s hands, shoves it onto an arrow, lights it, and fires it from the office, through the window, and into the boss’s new convertible. The car explodes with a fireball three-stories tall. As the car burns, Rambo mumbles to no one in particular, “I always like to take ownership of my work.” But Rambo will never get over the guilt he feels for living when so many of his friends died in ‘Nam.

Let’s start handling things like our friend Rambo.  Life will be more satisfying.