AT&T just threatened to throttle my iPhone data speed


Well would you look at this. I just received this text message from AT&T saying that I am in the top 5% of data users, and they might start throttling my speed. All I do is stream music via iTunes match and Spotify, so I guess that did it.

According to my AT&T app, I have used 10.5 GB of data this billing cycle (which ends tomorrow). Good thing I have the unlimited data plan!

Weight Watchers releases new barcode scanner iPhone app

For anyone using an iPhone to track their Weight Watchers food intake, tracking just got a lot easier.  With this new app, you are able to scan any barcode, see the point values, and then add the item to your tracker.  No more searching for the back of Cool Ranch Dorito’s that you just had for lunch.  Scan it, track it, and go.




View the nutritional info:



Adjust the fine settings:



And finally, add it!


You can get the app for FREE here (although you have to have a paid login).