Question of the Day: Beauty

What is beautiful to you?

In other words, what is it that you look at and just have a feeling that for that split second, all is right in the world?


For me, it’s when you see an elderly couple holding hands.  Seeing 2 people, married for maybe 50 years or more, still showing signs that they are still in love; that they are still #1 in each others eyes.  When I see that, it makes me so happy that those two people found each other, and they did what it took to stay in love all of those years.  When I see love like that, it almost makes me feel guilty for have saying “I love you” to any girlfriend I have ever had; a few months or even a few years might equal being “in love”, but when you have been with the same person for a lifetime…  THAT is love, and that is so beautiful.

So, now it’s your turn. 

What is beautiful to you?

Funny Search Engine Terms, Part II

Over the last few days, people have used Google to arrive at this website by searching for certain things.  Here are a few of my favorites:

cool sideburns

I posted sometime last year about if my sideburns were cool, and I got some good feedback from you all.  I guess someone wants to see an example of how to rock the Brandon Walsh look.

wonderbra ads

I don’t think I have posted about this before, but who knows!

Thanks, Google!

I’m sneaky

Yesterday, I moved into a new cube here at work.  It’s actually a very nice cubical with a LOT of space to do my job in.  The only downside is that it is very easy to sneak up on me because of the layout.  So, I have rigged a little webcam that I can keep open on my second monitor.  Here is what I end up seeing:


The little Dr. Evil bobblehead is looking into my desk (to give you some perspective).  So, if you work with me, don’t even think about trying to sneak up on me.  I might throw a pie at you or something.

1984: Pehaps the best summer for movies, EVER.


It’s no secret that the summertime is when you have the big blockbusters come out at the movies.  Cinematical has been running a piece for the last several weeks looking back at the summers of different years, and looking at what awesome movies came out that summer.  My favorite so far is 1984.

Just look at some of these flicks that all came out within a few months of each other:

5/4: Sixteen Candles

5/11: Firestarter

5/23: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

6/1: Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock

6/8: Ghostbusters, Gremlins (WOW!)

6/22: The Karate Kid, Top Secret!

7/13: The Last Starfighter, The Muppets Take Manhattan

7/20: The Neverending Story, Revenge of the Nerds

There are a lot of others, but even if just the ones I listed here… Wow, that is such an amazing lineup of classic movies that all came out in one summer!  Head on over to Cinematical to see the rest.


(Also, here is the one for 1985.  Almost as good!)

Funny Search Engine Terms, part I

Now that I am on to host this website, I can easily see how people got here.  Specifically, if they found me through Google, what search engine terms they used to get here.  I am going to start publishing some of my favorites with a little commentary on each.

Today’s favorite search engine term is:

buttcheek hat

Hmmm.  First of all, go ahead and type that into Google.  I believe this site is the 1st or 2nd result or so.  That’s fine, but who is searching for a hat to put on their buttcheek?  How does that even work?  Wouldn’t it fall off?

Go ahead, Google it!

My next endeavor = learning Cocoa.

I have decided that I want to learn how to create applications for the Mac and iPhone.  How do you learn to do that?  Well, I got a book:


I’m not sure what I will create, but the thought that I will know how to make something is pretty exciting.  There are so many great apps on the iPhone, I have a feeling it will be hard to some up with something new.  Let me know of any requests! (I’m not getting too far ahead of myself, am I??)